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Fred Mafra Architecture is dedicated to quality of design, service and resource-efficient. The basic premise of their projects is your responsibility to design high-performing, healthy buildings that positively impact the people, environment and provide a healthy and enjoyable experience for the occupants of the buildings and the receiving environment.
Our objective is to achieve not only the functional and budgetary needs of the client but also to fulfil our responsibilities with the best practice in sustainability, low energy and social responsibility.
Understand the different lifestyles, the multiple personalities, the own expectations and request directives are the preliminary concepts so we consider this at the initial design stage and work around your other commitments.
Preliminary studies conceptualized the project, shows the formal solutions, integrates the building on the site in synchronicity with their surroundings and shows the arrangement of the various elements. Investing time at the briefing stage is crucial to establish building population, space requirements, room user requirements, adjacency requirements, expansion.
After a review of the detailed design, technical design chosen will be developed and exhaustively detailed.The architectural solutions seek to identify the ethos and the identity of each company. The final design is the result of research and comprehension of the venture. The result of the project presented is unusual, contemporary and visionary.
Fred Mafra Architecture is an award-winning firm specializing in providing innovative architectural solutions that set our clients apart. From restaurants and academic environments to office space and distinctive residences. Always seek to create synergistic solutions for all architectural types and interior.